CooLab is a modern coworking space and community hub conveniently located in an important area next the Skenderbej Street, 7 minutes walk from the city center and easily accessible through public transport.

Here at CooLab we believe in the power of collaboration as the key to long-term business success and competitiveness.

CooLab is a community driven coworking space and we seek to create more than just a working place.We want to offer extraordinary inspiration, community, comfort and excitement.We created a place where you can stay connected to your work and get playful at the same time.
Throughout the space of more than 700 sqm in one of the most unique buildings in Tirana, we provide private desks,flex desks,team rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, event spaces, and recreational areas.

CooLab is composed of two main distinct areas, which have different functions yet complementary to each other in terms of facilities and customers who will be using the spaces. One main area functions as a co-working space, while the other main area functions as a self-service bar open to the public. These two main areas are linked to each other through a transitory space serving as a recreational spot.